Generative writing workshops for beginners and begin-againers

a fresh approach to creative writing for those who need a push from the nest

“Best NYC Writing Classes.”
— TimeOut NY

Generative Workshops

We write in class. We read in class. All you need is a pen and paper (or even a smartphone). Prompts designed to get your wheels turning will be offered at each session. 

Carving out creative time

Often, people complain that they would write if they had the time, if they knew what the heck to write about. Fledgling offers you time and inspiration. No homework. No pressure. This is about making time for a little creativity once a week.


our model

Writing creatively should be that--creative. Fledgling classrooms are anything but rigid. Sometimes we'll be strange. Sometimes we'll be silly. Sometimes we'll be introspective. We don't have rules, just respect.

Tuesdays, Jan 22 - Feb 26 - Join Here

In Person once weekly | 7:30-9 pm

6 weeks - $300


In this weekly class we'll spend 1.5 hours a session writing to two or three new prompts. This class is meant for the most tenderfoot-ed of fledglings, participants with some workshop experience, or veterans who are looking for something new. Multifaceted prompts are designed to encourage writers of all levels to approach their work through varying perspectives and simply get some words on paper. Group discussion will focus on what techniques each writer is doing well, so they can continue to grow their practice. Like all Fledgling courses, this standard course is open to writers interested in all genres. These sessions are meant to create space for free expression in even the busiest of city-dwellers' lives.

capacity = 8 participants


Mondays, Mar 4 - Apr 15 - Join Here

online once weekly | 7-8:30 pm est

6 weeks - $300


This course is intended to jumpstart or restart an at-home writing practice. The only way to become a writer is to write, but finding the time and discipline can be tricky. We'll explore the idea of "inspiration." This is not something that has to strike us like lightning. Instead of waiting for our moment, we'll take the power back and invite inspiration to our page on our own time.

In many respects the online version of The Fledgling Course, the Nestling Course is slightly more goal-oriented. While the in-class course focuses solely on the generation of ideas and content, this at home series culminates with all participants having completed the draft of some original piece of creative writing—whether it be a chapter, short story, essay, poem, or scene. (It is not required that writers have an idea for such a piece prior to class and “homework” will be limited to an hour or less extra per week).

The first four weeks will be dedicated to discussion and the generation of ideas. In the last two weeks, we will continuing developing work and participants will have the opportunity to receive more critical feedback on a piece they've embellished from work generated in class.

These sessions meet face to face through a (free) online conferencing app, which means you may participate from anywhere in the country (or the world)!

capacity = 7 participants

[This class is led over a free online conferencing platform]


Next Course begins Fall 2019 - Join Here

In person once weekly | 7:30-9 pm

6 weeks + daily prompts/resources - $425


Always wanted to write a book, but unsure how or where to start? Stuck on chapter four and searching for support? In our weekly sessions we'll discuss the bones of creating a successful manuscript including lessons on plotting, character development, setting, and more. We'll turn to examples from master novelists to light our way and write together in class to hone our skills and develop ideas.

During the height of fall migration, birds are on the move every day. Along with planning in person, we’ll aim to write a thousand words daily, keeping each other accountable through an online log, ultimately writing over 20,000 words. (However, if this is to much of a time commitment, you can opt to do what you can with the prompts, saving others for later, and just stick with the in person meetings).

This class is ideal for seasoned and amateur writers with a novel idea or rough draft who produce more with the aids of structure and a community of peers. Though "novel" implies fiction, memoirists and creative non-fiction writers working on a book length project are also welcome.

capacity = 8 participants


Courses offered as filled - Join Here

once weekly 7-9 pm

3 weeks - $125

(20% of proceeds go to RAINN or The American Heart Association)

Fledgling offers smaller, shorter courses for those who have lost a loved one or women who have suffered from sexual assault or harassment. A certified therapist does not lead this course. Our goal is to foster camaraderie and lend an ear to those who are too often hushed. Sammi is a survivor of sexual assault and lost her father at the age of 15. In these dark times, writing offered light. She knows the value of simply being around others who understand (even on a small level) and hopes to create something safe and healing from these workshops.

These courses are offered as they fill. If you are interested in writing with a grief or survivor community please indicate so on your application and you will be notified when the class has filled to discuss scheduling. 

[sessions held at Sammi's Crown Heights home]