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3 weeks - $150

(20% of proceeds go to RAINN or The American Heart Association)

Fledgling offers smaller, shorter courses for those who have lost a loved one or persons* who have suffered from sexual assault or harassment. A certified therapist does not lead this course. Our goal is to foster camaraderie and lend an ear to those who are too often hushed. Sammi is a survivor of sexual assault and lost her father at the age of 15. In these dark times, writing offered light. She knows the value of simply being around others who understand (even on a small level) and hopes to create something safe and healing from these workshops.

These courses are offered as they fill. If you are interested in writing with a grief or survivor community please indicate so on your application and you will be notified when the class has filled to discuss scheduling. 

*Fledgling’s courses are open to writers of all gender identities, in Wing Mending Courses and beyond.