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6 weeks - $300

With poetic intention, this generative course is not only for those who identify as poets or even for those necessarily interested in only writing poems. While we hope to offer something special for our poetry minded, this workshop is also perfect for the prose writer seeking to enrich their work by digging into the themes and language that make their individual voice sing.

Each class will focus on a different poetic theme (e.g. figurative language, syntax/diction, forms/structure). Portland based poet, Catie Hannigan, will lead you through two to three prompts a session, coaching you to listen to where your own mind might be trying to lead you creatively. You’ll be introduced to the work of poetic masters, to deepen your understanding of poetry’s variety and learn what techniques speak to you. Homework (limited to one hour a week) may consist of writing time or gathering inspiration.

You can expect to end this course with finished work. As in all Fledgling Workshops, sharing out and receiving positive critique is a given. In the last two sessions all participants have the chance to share and receive more critical feedback on work polished at home.

 These sessions meet face to face through a (free) online conferencing app, which means you may participate from anywhere in the country (or the world)!

 capacity = 8 participants