Wednesdays, July 31 - Sep 4 - Join Here

online once weekly | 1-2:30 pm est

(next Poetic Nestling Course begins in September)

6 weeks - $300


This course is intended to jumpstart or restart an at-home writing practice. The only way to become a writer is to write, but finding the time and discipline can be tricky. We'll explore the idea of "inspiration." This is not something that has to strike us like lightning. Instead of waiting for our moment, we'll take the power back and invite inspiration to our page on our own time.

In many respects the online version of The Fledgling Course, the Nestling Course is slightly more goal-oriented. While the in-class course focuses solely on the generation of ideas and content, this at home series culminates with all participants having completed the draft of some original piece of creative writing—whether it be a chapter, short story, essay, poem, or scene. (It is not required that writers have an idea for such a piece prior to class and “homework” will be limited to an hour or less extra per week).

The first four weeks will be dedicated to discussion and the generation of ideas. In the last two weeks, we will continue developing work and participants will have the opportunity to receive more critical feedback on a piece they've embellished from work generated in class. Following the final session, Sammi will provide written annotation and feedback on up to 15 double spaced pages of work for writers who turn their work in within two weeks of the last meeting.

These sessions meet face to face through a (free) online conferencing app, which means you may participate from anywhere in the country (or the world)!

capacity = 8 participants

[Led by Sammi]