Tuesdays, Nov 12 - Dec 17 (skipping 11/26) - Join Here


5 weeks - $380

This course is offered for writers returning or arriving to the Fledgling nest who are ready for a more traditional workshop experience. Mixing the generative experience you know and love with the critical seminar style you might expect from standard workshops, these sessions are split in two. Each writer will be the focus of an hour of discussion on up to 20 (or at least 10) pages of prose (stories, chapters, and essays are all fair game). The writer can expect both positive and critical feedback on their pages, though never negative or loaded with agenda. Participants will read each other’s work before the session and receive in-text notes and a brief letter from their fellow participants as well as edits and suggestions from Sammi.

In keeping with Fledgling’s philosophies of ease, freedom, and fun this course is an intimate one in order to keep the homework to a minimum. The second half of class will be spent prompt writing and sharing out as in other Fledgling courses. Exercises will be specially designed to work on challenges that have come up in the group’s work, so we can actively work to improve together and leave class having written some fresh material.

This course is perfect for Fledglings looking to take their practice a step further or who are craving insight on a piece they hope to publish. For birds, spring migration is a community effort to return home. I like to think this course could be defined in just that way.

{submissions due two weeks before first session}

capacity = 5 participants