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Unlike other workshops that require a finished manuscript when you walk in the door, Fledgling is for the writer who isn't sure what to write yet. Fledgling is for the tired 9-5er who lost track of her creative spark. Fledgling is for those afraid of being mocked by the blank page. Fledgling is for the writer who wants to expand his community.

In our classroom poems, images, objects, exercises, and questions provide the prompts for your writing session. There are no genre specific classes, because who knows what you might produce? Maybe rubbing a lucky rabbit's foot will begin a piece of memoir. Maybe an exercise in copying a favorite poem will result in a piece of prose. Maybe you'll write a song, a list, a letter, an ode!

Our classroom is spontaneous, kind, and unassuming. We welcome anyone willing to try. That's the only rule (well, other than writing). At Fledgling all we ask is that you try.

Each session follows the same basic timeline beginning with a short introductory prompt intended to grease your wheels. Next, we'll write for 20-30 minutes to the session's longest prompt and follow it with sharing and discussion. Finally, if there's time, participants are given the opportunity to air any grievances from the week on paper to finish up the session (because complaining is almost as cathartic as writing).

Bring a pen, a sheet of paper, and the same mentality you might bring to yoga. Your 1.5 hour session is for the good of you. You may use it however your heart asks you to. Maybe you've wanted to write a short story for as long as you can remember. Maybe you need structure in order to write. Whatever the case, Fledgling will help you soar.


News from the nest

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Participant Testimonials

“I have been actively writing for a couple of years now and even have literary agency representation. But over the last year, I really struggled to find inspiration to write or an environment I felt like writing in. After taking the Fledgling Course, I fell in love with writing again and now I’m halfway through my next novel. I really credit the course for this return.”
"Sammi LaBue's class was dope. I usually don't like free writing because I can never get over the hurtle of convincing myself it's worth it. With Sammi's prompts and directions it was easy to get inspired. I left the class with two new story ideas and new ways to generate content."
"This was a great opportunity to meet fun people with similar interests and to step out of your comfort zone just a little bit. They encouraged positive critique only which made it easier to share my stories."
"The best workshop I've ever taken part in! (Also the first.)"
"I never wanna leave the nest!"

Fledgling Founder & Workshop Leader

I have participated in, taught, or volunteered for nearly every major writing workshop company in the city. While all of them provided worthy experiences, I started to realize they were all fairly similar. 

 I fell in love with prompt writing during my very first creative writing class in high school and have chased that kind of atmosphere in writing groups since. From there I studied at Colorado College where I earned a BA in Creative Writing before moving to NYC. Since earning an MFA with one of the top low residency programs in the country, The Vermont College of Fine Arts, my goal is to bring a more free-spirited option to the world of writing workshops.

Writing helped me through a difficult high school experience, the death of my father, and dark times following sexual assault. Though I take writing creatively seriously, I want to offer that same kind of healing to participants regardless of their portfolio, experience, or prerequisites.

My fiction, personal essays, and poetry have been published in PANK magazine, Hobart, Referential magazine, Permafrost Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and The Feminist Wire, among many gracious others. I've written for companies such as McGraw Hill Education, AARP, Kirkus Reviews, and more. With a background in publishing and extensive experience teaching and participating in writing workshops, I'm ready to bring the Fledgling method to NYC.

- Sammi

  Sammi LaBue Hatch  Founder, Workshop Leader   sammilabue.com

Sammi LaBue Hatch
Founder, Workshop Leader



What do I bring?

Yourself, a writing instrument, something to write on, an open mind

When will I hear back about request to join?

You will receive an email within 48 hours of your application.

For Wing-Mending courses, please expect one month for class to begin as these courses are held as they fill. You will be notified when your form is received and asked to provide one or two weekdays that might work for you to join us for 3-weeks.

Do I have to be on the blog?

Absolutely not. You will be asked privately before class if you're all right with being recorded for the blog or included in social media photographs. 

What if I change my mind?

Fledgling is unable to offer refunds at this time. We ask for your commitment once you remit payment. 

What's with this PayPal tax?

As a small business trying to offer the lowest prices possible in NYC, PayPal's 2.9% cut of all course fees was starting to add up. To avoid this tax, we now accept payment via Venmo or Square cash if those options are available to you.